Phyno and Cubana Chief Priest Attend Flavour Father’s Burial (Video)

Phyno and Cubana Chief Priest Attend Flavour Nabania's Father's Burial in Style (Video)
Phyno and Cubana Chief Priest Attend Flavour Nabania's Father's Burial in Style (Video)

Nigerian rapper Phyno made a grand entrance at the burial of Flavour N’abania’s father in a spectacular display of respect and solidarity. Nigerian well-known socialite, Cubana Chief Priest accompanied the Penthauze CEO.

The burial event took place in Enugu and saw the convergence of top celebrities and dignitaries all adorned in exclusive and stylish outfits.

Phyno is well known for his exceptional rap skills and unique Igbo-influenced music, turned heads with his fashionable ensemble, particularly his exclusive brand shoe. His presence was a significant highlight of the event, drawing the attention of fans and media alike.

In the video, Cubana Chief Priest jokingly mocks Aba traders for producing inferior materials showcasing the quality of Phyno’s shoes with his lighter.

Cubana Chief Priest is also a well-celebrated celebrity in Igboland whose influence in the nightlife entrepreneur skyrocketed him to take the lion’s share in Nigeria.

The burial ceremony was a testament to the deep respect and love that Flavour Nabania, one of Nigeria’s leading musicians, commands within the industry. His father’s passing had united friends, family, and colleagues, all of whom came to pay their last respects and support the beloved artist.

The event was not just a solemn occasion but also a celebration of life and legacy, marked by heartfelt tributes, music, and a display of rich Igbo culture. Phyno and Cubana Chief Priest’s attendance underscored the strong bonds of friendship and fraternity within the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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