Top 10 Nollywood TV Shows You Must Watch on Netflix

Top 10 Nollywood TV Shows You Must Watch on Netflix
Top 10 Nollywood TV Shows You Must Watch on Netflix

Nollywood has showcased that Nigeria is the giant of Africa in the film industry. The industry has produced captivating TV Shows that are popular globally and have gained international acclaim.

Are you a Nollywood fan or just looking for the top TV shows on Netflix, here we have curated the top ten must-watch series that showcase the rich storytelling and diverse genres from Nigeria’s entertainment powerhouse.

Top 10 Nollywood TV Shows You Must Watch on Netflix

Blood Sisters:

Our first list is the Blood Sisters. This Nollywood TV show showcased a thrilling series about friends whose lives change dramatically after a high-society wedding leads to murder.

Do you enjoy watching series full of suspense and captivating, then, Blood Sisters has everything you need. comment after watching, we are here to witness your experience.

King Of Boys: The Return of the King:

King of Boys: The Return of the King is a political drama series that shows the mighty Eniola Salami as she returns from exile to reclaim her power in the murky waters of Nigerian politics.

If you are interested in politics, drama and suspense head to Netflix now and enjoy this well-written Nollywood political drama.

Shanty Town:

This series depicts the crime scenes in Lagos where a group of courtesans attempt to escape the clutches of a notorious crime lord. The

Shanty Town mainly focused on crime and its aftermath. Hover to Netflix to watch for yourself what Shanty Town is made of.

Castle & Castle:

Castle & Castle is another powerful legal drama TV series that revolves around a married couple who runs a successful law firm in Lagos State and encounters critical challenges that affect their personal and professional lives.

Business-minded people should utilize Castle and Castle to know how to manage their workforce, personal lives and relationships.

The Smart Money Woman:

Thematically, The Smart Money Woman TV series showcased the financial struggles of five women navigating their relationships, success, personal growth, and careers.

Before 30:

We added this TV series to the top 10 best Nollywood TV shows because it has everything that you need in the series. It explores the lives of four young women in Lagos state as they strive to find true love and happiness before hitting the age of 30.

Many women argue that marriage is not important, try Before 30 to know if they are telling the truth.

Jenifa’s Diary:

This is a comedy TV show that showcases the hilarious adventure of Jenifa, a typical village girl who moves to the city in search of a better life but ends in a comedic situations.

Skinny Girl in Transit:

Here is another comedy TV series that follows the life of Tiwalade, a exclusive radio personality dealing with body image issues, in search for love and family pressure.

Many people are into Tiwalade’s situation watch this series to learn how she overcomes her worries and family pressures.


This is a drama series set in a fictional village, focusing on themes of tradition, community conflicts and love. Jemeji is really interesting if you love engaging and captivating stories.

Sons of the Caliphate

Thematically, Sons of the Caliphate focused on power, politics and passion. It isĀ  a political drama that delves into the lives of three powerful wealthy men living in Northern Nigeria.

In Conclusion, this top 10 Nollywood TV Shows are just part of the big picture from the Nollywood film industry. There are other top TV shows from Nollywood entertainment industry. Share your view about the top 10 we listed.

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